Contest “Xếp đúng ngăn – săn quà khủng”


PROJECT: Contest “Xếp đúng ngăn – săn quà khủng” for AQUA Refrigerator


We host the contest “Xếp đúng ngăn – săn quà khủng”. Through this contest, we convey the message “It is easy to store both fresh and dry food in 2 separated zones of AQUA Refrigerator” to everybody. Besides that, players will be able to win special prizes if they have highest score in the competition.

We often store dry food in an external environment instead of storing it in a refrigerator. The high humidity in the refrigerator easily makes dry food moldy, but the unstable outside environment also makes them damaged.

In addition, the majority of refrigerators in the market are focused on the feature of moist storage but no dry storage.

Total participants: 2569